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For Non-Profits and NGO’s


The virtue that drives mission driven organizations - a whole hearted passion for the cause - can often result in a proliferation of services, a diffuse set of beneficiaries, and a lack of focus.  This can stretch scarce resources and dilute meaning and message.


A reliance on episodic funding sources creates a mantra of scarcity and the tendency to manage toward constraints rather than opportunities.  A disproportionate amount of staff and volunteer time is usually directed toward chasing the ephemeral dollar, rather than delivering the mission. 


Often, there is an incomplete understanding of the cost structures involved in delivering each service and missed opportunities to gain efficiency.


Given this, the alignment between Board and Staff can diverge around priorities, especially in times of tectonic change such as those we are experiencing now.


Momentem Consulting Group can help you calibrate Staff and Board alignment as you refresh your approach to reflect new realities in order to regain traction and forward momentum. Our services span:


  • Strategy

  • Growth and Scaling

  • Funding Models

  • Organizational Effectiveness

  • Board- Staff Alignment

  • Board Governance Best Practices

Family Using a Tablet

For Corporations and
Grant Making Organizations

The clarion call to address the simultaneous crises of a pandemic, climate change, racial and economic inequities has echoed through every community, boardroom, company, and household.  


Foundations, Corporations and  Donor Advised Funds  all share a responsibility to equitably allocate capital to mission driven organizations in order to address these challenges. 


Momentem Consulting Group can help you clarify your purpose and values to create internal alignment around objectives, to drive through operations and to be reinforced through your corporate social responsibility.


As an employer, your articulation of purpose and the actions you take to live those values have the potential to be profit enhancing and even brand defining. Your impact can serve as an effective talent recruitment and retention tool.  As vital members of a community, we believe you can strengthen the capacities of the not-for-profit sector and serve as collaborative agents for positive change.


Momentem Consulting Group can help your organization:


  • Clarify Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Define Purpose Alongside Profit

  • Build Grantee Capacity 

  • Accelerate Grantee Self Sufficiency

For Philanthropists:  Donors/Families


There is no shortage of need or worthy causes to support. This is true in the best of times, but it is especially true in challenging times.  If you are philanthropically inclined, it is easy to give money away but difficult to have real impact and to measure your return on investment.


As donors, we often lack an intentional strategy and milestones to know if we are accomplishing what we had hoped.  We are often generously responsive, but not necessarily strategic.  


Momentem Consulting Group will work with donors (individuals or families) and with the trusted organizations that support philanthropists (such as RIAs and Donor Advised Funds) to help you clarify your intentions and then help you measure your impact.  Our services include:


  • Philanthropic ​Strategy Development

  • Impact Evaluation

  • Build Momentum

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